Fresh Chili With Garlic

The company uses Sri Lankan long chili mixed with fresh chili peppers and fresh chili peppers, which are carefully made with fresh garlic and fresh garlic within 24 hours after harvest. Such products are processed agricultural products with new tastes, and are new concept products in the market. The taste is rich and outstanding, and the ultimate fresh taste is different from the pickled chili sauce on the market. It is the favorite of Zhongda spicy products suitable for chili gluttons, and the ultimate choice for serving, conditioning, and noodles.

Stir-fried glass Noodles with Garlic and Fresh Chili




Hwa Nan Fresh Chilli with Garlic
1 can
Glass noodles
1-2 servings
Hwa Nanl Soy Sauce
a little
Rice wine
1-2 tablespoons
Ground pork



  1. Chop green onion, chop minced garlic, grind ginger paste, soak winter noodles in water (set aside).
  2. Raise the frying pan, sauté the ginger mash, and after it is fragrant, add the ground meat (don't rush to fry the ground meat, wait for a large area of ripening and then turn it over. After 8 minutes of ripening, it will be well-fried and loose.
  3. After the meat is dry, put 2 tablespoons of Hwa Nan Fresh Chilli with Garlic in the middle, heat and stir-fry, then stir-fry with the minced meat, add appropriate amount of soy sauce and cooking wine (stir fry to let the alcohol evaporate slightly.
  4. Add 400cc of water to the pot, add the winter noodles after the soup is boiled.
  5. It can be closed after the sauce dry.