White Fermented Bean Curd(chunk) In Seasoning Sauce (Tofu Fermented)

The company uses tofu made from North American premium soybeans with exclusive fermented bean curd fermented with unique mucor, and special sesame oil  are added to make the fermented bean curd exude a natural fragrance of sesame oil. No other additives are added to the market.

White fermented bean curd is a type of fermented bean curd, and it is an ancient famous dish of the Han nationality. Tofu embryos are made from soybean raw materials, and then the tofu embryos are inoculated with Mucor and then fermented. There are many kinds of fermented bean curd, delicious taste, and it has the effect of removing fishy and greasy. It is suitable for serving food or as a seasoning, such as hot pot seasoning. Scrambled eggs with fermented bean curd and shrimp, pork belly with fermented bean curd can also be used.

Fried convolvulus with fermented bean curd


Convolvulus -----------1piece

Ginger slices--------------appropriate

Sliced pepper in half-----------a little

Rice wine------------1 tbsp

Shallots-------------a little


Hwa Nan fermented bean curd with sesame oil---------1-2pieces

Water----- a little


  1. Heat the oil burst scallions ginger.
  2. After adding convolvulus, pour in rice wine to increase the aroma and then pour in hot water.
  3. Cover the pot and simmer for about 2 minutes
  4. Pour in the fermented bean curd juice (mix the water and fermented bean curd juice first, then add), adjust the taste (if too salty, add some sugar) and stir-fry evenly.
  5. You can start the pot.