Shlltake Mushrooms With Preserved Salted Mustard

The well-known Hakka dish with dried plums and pork meat has been advocating environmental protection and loving the earth in recent years and advocating vegetarianism. However, our company contributes to the society and specially developed this product to replace pork with bean curd, which adds a multi-layered taste to the flavor without changing the soup or medicine.

Commodity use: Bibimbap, noodles, and hot vegetables.

Dried prunes and winter melon




Hwa Nan shiitake mushrooms with preserved salted mustard
1 can
Winter melon
1 thick slice about 550g
Green onions
a little
Hwa Nan Original Soy Sauce (Qing)
2 tablespoons



  1. Peel and seed the wax gourd, and cut into pieces about 3×2×2 cm in size. It is not cut into large pieces, so the cooking time can be shortened. Cut off the head and tail of the garlic, without peeling it.
  2. Put 1 tablespoon of oil in it, put the pieces of winter melon, and fry both sides slightly yellow for color.
  3. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Hwa Nan shiitake mushrooms with preserved salted mustard, 1-2 tablespoons of soy sauce, garlic, and cook in a medium heat stew (there is no need to cover the lid (you can add some boiling water).
  4. During the period, you need to flip the winter melon to make each side of the melon evenly colored, so that all sides of the winter melon are indeed colored! In this way, the cooking time is about 10-12 minutes, and the sauce will be a little bit less, but there is still no soup.
  5. Put the winter melon and the leftover sauce into a deep heat-resistant container, transfer it to the electric pot, with a cup of water in the outer pot, steam until it jumps up and sprinkle with green onions.