Chili Bamboo Shoots

The company uses high-altitude, pure and natural super thick-cut bamboo shoots to make South China cloud bamboo shoots made from raw bamboo shoots that are fermented by ancient methods to ensure that there is no added sulfur dioxide.

Our company uses high-altitude pure natural super-thick cut  ,Bamboo shoots are made by fermenting ancient bamboo shoots through ancient methods, and it is guaranteed that no sulfur dioxide is added.

These products are processed agricultural products made by improving the flavor of Taiwanese dried bamboo shoots.

They are traditional products with new concepts on the market.

High fiber, delicious, slightly sweet, slightly spicy, fine fiber and crispy. Suitable for breakfast, dinner, porridge and dishes for consumers of all ages. Add noodles, instant noodles or cooked stews (pork, hoof, beef), these dishes are great choices for side dishes and dinner preparation。