Brand Story

established in
"Enjoy delicious and healthy nutrition"
Local taste and traditional cuisine
HWA NAN FOOD was established in 1935 and has been a time-honored brand for more than 80 years. In this technologically advanced society Canned Food Brand , fast speed is emphasized,
and convenient meals and canned food are mainly used for eating. "Enjoy delicious and healthy nutrition" has always been the concept of HWA NAN FOOD.
first regional
From the first regional sauce garden to produce black bean soy sauce, it moved to a newfactory in 1989 and began to supply Canned Food Brand pickles from the Welfare General Office of the National Army Welfare General Office and non-staple food supplies, and successively introduced automated canned pickles production machines and obtained the US FDA The certification of the food canning factory opened the beginning of the export market of HWA NAN FOOD.
second generation
It was passed on to the second generation of the three brothers, and many innovative methods were added. They also made great efforts in food safety. However, despite the addition of many innovative measures to the packaging and marketing of food, it has now reached 35 for export worldwide. Countries and regions covering Europe, Asia, America and Australia. However,
still adheres to the principle
Regarding the taste of the product itself, we still adhere to the principles of "integrity", "quality" and "service" since the establishment of the father, and further strictly control each canned brand, so that consumers can eat and feel at ease. 
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