Peeled Chili In Soy Sauce

"Peeled chili" is a delicacy that everyone will salivate as soon as they hear it. It is marinated with a 10-year-old exclusive sauce. When tasting it, it exudes a rich and delicious taste in the tongue, whether it is eaten alone or with meals. , It is often irresistible, and it is a good companion for everyone to like.

Peeled chili chicken soup




Hwa Nan peeled chili in soy sauce
1 can
Chicken thigh
1.2 sticks
Shiitake Mushrooms



  1. Wash the chicken drumsticks first, dry the excess water with a kitchen paper towel, and soak the mushrooms in water for later use.
  2. Turn the chicken skin down, fry until the chicken skin is slightly burnt, take it out and set aside.
  3. Use the chicken fat that has just been fried chicken thighs to fry the mushrooms until the aroma appears.
  4. After the shiitake mushrooms are fry until the aroma appears, put the chicken thighs that have just been fried back into the pot, put the peeled pepper and the water just soaked the shiitake mushrooms together, add some more water, boil on high heat and turn to low heat and cook again For 20-30 minutes, add 1-2 tablespoons of peeled chili juice to the final taste.