Pickled Lettuce

We uses a kind of long stem , North American types of lettuce , it’s high-quality and very suitable to pickle for raw materials, Hwa nan manufacture these lettuce into a crispy taste .These processed agricultural products are very traditional and health .

The taste is fresh, sweet and rich, velvety texture . Suitable for all ages consumers , it can be side dish, seasoning for the porridge when you have breakfast or a night snack , even cooking for meal . Lettuce is healthful vegetables, eat more beneficial to human body.

Pickled lettuce Stewed Chicken Soup



Ginger slices
4~5 slices
Hwa Nan pickled lettuce canned
2/3 bottle



Rice wine
3 tablespoons
1 cup




  1. The chicken is blanched and cleaned for later use.
  2. Prepare a pot of soup, put all the ingredients and 3 tablespoons of rice wine, and add water to cover all the ingredients.
  3. Put 1 meter cup of water in the electric cooker, then put it in the stewing, the power button jumps up and then simmer a little.