Our Company was founded in 1935
original name is Hwa Nan Proprietorship

This initial period started
from 1935 to 1969
we were a traditional soy sauce brewery and mainly produced soy sauce. 
rom 1970 to 1976, we started
producing dairy drinks
we started producing dairy drinks and fermented bean curd products.
Selling area:Taichung、Changhua and Nantou.
our company was reorganized
In 1976, our company was reorganized into Hwa Nan food Industrial Co.,Ltd  
our factory’s development
In 1988,for our factory’s development, we moved to Nangang Industrial Park:No.9, Zili 1st Rd, Nantou City. From this period, our company has become the factory which produces pickled vegetable automatically. Since new plant has built and complies with US FDA Canned Food Regulation , at the same year we started the expand export market.
we produced mainly canned pickled vegetables
In the period of 11988-2021 we produced mainly canned pickled vegetables Domestic Sale Areas: Taiwan、Penghu、Kinmen、Matsu. Export Areas:Northeast Asia、North south Asia、Europe、America、 Australia etc.